Police Behavior Unaffected By Remote Body Cameras – American Personal Rights

peace pact between the police and civilian behavior. The latest technology officers of the police have received is the remote camera. This type of technology has the potential to alter citizen perceptions and the structure of police units, as well as general investigation. The technology has been largely appreciated by both the public and police, but it hasn’t produced notable results on how citizens and police view one another.

Regardless of the outcomes regardless of the outcome, the system is deployed in numerous police departments, and those in charge are likely to use these cameras. A study was conducted where officers were provided with cameras for the duration of 18 months. The theory that was tested was that the technology improved accountability, police performance in the course of investigation, as well as the overall relationship between officers of the police and the citizens. The results showed that the use of force by officers equipped with cameras was the same as when compared with officers who did not have it. The result is that violent behaviors were not diminished. The experts believe that cameras cannot replace the need for training or additional attention to recruitment. But, many believe that remote cameras for body cameras could result in an environment that is peaceful for all parties involved. mie7fl8wq9.

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