The Future of Erosion and Jobsite Perimeter Control – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

O provides erosion control and what’s in store for the future of jobsites.

Erosion control companies employ many methods of erosion control for reducing the erosion force from wind and water on topsoil. The latest method employed is called the silt sock method. The method, in contrast to other methods of control it is easy and reliable. It involves using the perforated tube, which is then filled with filter media. The most common materials for filter media can include wood chips, coco fiber, or sand. The filters are available in different sizes, providing consumers with the choice to select the one that best suits them.

How does a silt-sock operate? A silt sock helps to stop rainwater runoff and filter it prior to it reaching a sewer system. Silt socks capture solids and prevent them being carried into other locations. Silt socks are often utilized for areas where soil is highly erodible including steep slopes and zones with high rates of runoff like construction sites. The socks are very easy to construct and require minimal or no maintenance.


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