Using a Mediator in a Bankruptcy Case – Wall Street News

The bankruptcy attorneys are able to assist you to resolve the problem. The role of a mediator is to facilitate the settlement of the dispute, not offer any solution. Mediation can be used to help facilitate discussions and lead to a resolution. In bankruptcy cases in which the debtor is involved, they may be asked for clarification to better understand bankruptcy law. Even though mediation includes reality tests and risk assessments however, the focus of the mediation is on negotiations and finding creative solutions.

The mediator plays an important function in helping parties get away from their private lives, review bankruptcy filings and remove communication barriers. He may also provide other settlement options for participants, and assist them in negotiating an acceptable solution. The mediator cannot make a decision nor does he is able to enforce any kind of settlement. He can however help negotiators decide which of them would like to declare bankruptcy. Mediators must be able to reach an agreeable conclusion for the parties involved when present. Mediation is a process where the mediator is an active part in the outcome.


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