Tips for Understanding Church Iconography Symbolism – Entertainment News Today

of the Catholic of the Catholic. Each Catholic church is adorned with beautiful sacred art, from elaborately constructed statues to gorgeous stained-glass windows. In fact, the most of the Catholic icons are a reference to the Bible in some manner. Simple objects can have deep meanings that alter the purpose and meaning of the object. The process of creating an icon holy but the way in which the icon’s meaning is crucial as well. In this clip, we will explore some of the most interesting symbolism in Catholic iconography.

The issue with portrayals of Jesus as God wholly or fully Man is one of Jesus’s biggest failings throughout time. This idea is difficult to comprehend, however every artist has come up with their own approach to it. In this icon, there is a snail doodled right next to the foot of St. Francis. Instead of symbolizing something with a “this is similar to that” style this artist flips this concept on it’s head. We are meant to view the snail as being unlike God however, it still has certain characteristics of God.


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