Dramatic Automobile Escape Attempt – Fast Car Video

California In the meantime, people watched as a criminal tried to escape the police outside Los Angeles. The suspect stole an SUV in the morning in the morning and tried to flee. The car was then used to drive away at a high speed. It culminated with the vehicle smashing through a fence, and traveling on railroad tracks. It’s amazing what you will discover in the next.

He drove on the tracks as fast as possible. The vehicle eventually stopped. He looked to his side and saw an opening. The freight train was moving along the yard. This train had many vehicles and its driver probably didn’t know what was transpiring. Criminals then attempted to get out of the stolen vehicle and make an attempt to get closer to the train. There were several times he tried to jump and grab control of the train. It was imperative to take care in order not to get crushed by the giant powerful wheels. The train could have provided an amazing escape. Fortunately the suspect was not able to take the train. Following a brief chase officers nabbed him. The rest is history. The criminal is likely to require an experienced bail bond company when he’s unable to afford the price of bail.


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