Types of Street Tacos – Shopping Magazine

ite popular all over it’s popular across the United States. They are however, especially very popular across Texas in part due to the proximity of Mexico. Mexican foods are now available across the world. This video will demonstrate how to make popular street tacos.

The very first street tacos is Barbacoa. Barbacoa is essentially a barbeque taco that is made of slow-cooked cow’s heads. Nowadays, it is made using the various barbecued meats to replace the cow’s head. The next type of taco is the Carne Asada. The Carne Asada taco is an grilled steak taco that has a slightly charred flavor. Al Pastor, a Mexican-style taco, is another great alternative. It is named after the shepherd’s way and is made with the marinated pork of citrus, and then cooked with pineapple.

If you are looking for an exotic street taco then look no further than Cabrito. Cabrito is made of young goats and. It is popular across Monterrey, Mexico. Even shrimp tacos are an alternative. Camaron are tacos made out of battered, grilled shrimp. Carnitas also known as pork butt and tacos with should, are the final option. It is tastier than what it appears.


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