A Periodontal Dentist Explains the Diseases Links to Diabetes – EDUCATION WEBSITE

Isn’t capable of processing sugar. When a person has high blood sugar, it could cause a variety of diseases that affect your eyes as well as kidneys, nerves mouth and the heart. This is how a periodontal dental professional connects diabetes and periodontitis.

Periodontal dentists can inform the patient that those with diabetes can suffer from gum disease or even lose teeth. Gum diseases can increase the severity of diabetes and create other complications in your mouth, could increase the severity of it.

What’s the cause of gum disease?

A periodontal dentist explains that gum disease is caused by microbes and particles of food (also called plaque) building up on the teeth. This happens when you aren’t cleaning your teeth 3 days a week or taking your time brushing.

When plaque builds up within your teeth, it hurts the gums. The result is that it gets swollen and, even more severe cases, it can bleed. If this occurs, it is called gingivitis. It is good news that gingivitis can be treated and disappear completely. However, if not dealt with, it can lead to more serious periodontitis condition.

If you notice that a buildup of plaque forms on the bottom part of your teeth, they get infected, and could create a more uncomfortable and serious case of periodontitis. Gum disease is one of the more common illnesses for individuals who have diabetes. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to manage your diabetes, by brushing your teeth at least once a daily to prevent periodontitis.


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