What Russian Shopping Malls Are Like After Sanctions – Andre Blog

Their crimes towards Ukraine. When these corporations pull away from Russia leaving evident gaps in the supplies that are available to Russian citizens.

This is especially evident this is particularly evident Russian shopping malls. Many of the retailers at these malls are Russian stores that are relatively inaccessible to sanctions, they do have shut-down stores in across the West. While these shops have some inventory, they are now closed to the general public. It is because of the quick decisions made by the firms that have pulled their products from their participation in the Russian market.

The mall that is shown in the video is awash with shoppers despite sanctions and changes to Russia’s economy. The people are still eating at local eateries and buying goods from local stores. Additionally, there are European stores that are still open.

The sanctions had an effect on Russian retail outlets, however Russians are able to shop, eat and entertain themselves in the same way as they did before. 15o9ssizl5.

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