Motorcycle Shatters World Record – Entertainment News Today

. Their bikes look good. They wanted to prove that they have top of the line bikes on the road. In this clip, you will see a Kawasaki motorcycle smash a world record.

It is June 30, 2016. Turkey is enjoying a sunny day. As Kenan Sofuoglu tries to break the world record for the fastest-accelerating bicycle, he is seated at Osman Gazi Bridge. The bike he will be taking is the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. It was built for a speed of 0-400 km/h within a short period of time. Just how short remains to be discovered. Its wheels will receive one additional polish prior to the formal race.

Sofuoglu is given the clear and the bike rockets forward as he floors the accelerator. Bridge supports glide by as he speeds up. The speed quickly increases to the 300s. Are they able to reach this? He finally reaches 400 km/hr. He completes the race in just 26 seconds and breaks the record for fastest time in the world. Kawasaki and Sofuoglu have broken the world record.


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