How to Beat the Case Theft – Work Flow Management

A case of theft

One way to win the charges is by proving the reasonable belief that you’re the person accused of stealing. The prosecutor needs to establish beyond doubt you’re the accused offender. If there’s a reasonable doubt about it, there’s no reason for the prosecutor to pursue.

An attorney must prove that your intent was to forever strip the victim of their possessions. The use of a “borrowed” defense is a way to make it easier to get out of. The prosecutor won’t have the ability to prove you planned to lend the property , and later return the property.

The prosecutor will also have to show that you took the stolen property with the permission of the owner. If the property is yours that is owned by the owner with their consent, then there is no theft. It is not possible to be found guilty if there is any doubt about permission.

Any evidence wrongfully acquired by the police could be removed from evidence. A skilled attorney may use your Fourth and Fifth Amendment right to disqualify evidence or any statements you’ve offered.

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